H20, the Music of Hall & Oates

The musicians in H20 were selected from across the country for their unique talent to capture the sound and soulful emotion of John Hall and Daryl Oates. Their natural ability to mimic and groove closely replicate the Hall and Oates versions when they toured LIVE.  The original band played their LIVE and studio versions differently. H20 performs the iconic duo’s massive library of songs, infusing just the right amount of rock and roll and rhythm and blues. 

H20 boasts seasoned vets of the LIVE stage who have successfully performed for years. They all share a deep respect for the Philly, Blue Eyed Soul and Motown roots that were a part of the Hall and Oates signature stylings and honor their staggeringly good musicianship, their ability to play so tight in the moment and yet have the music feel so loose.